DentPrime is a dental clinic that specialises in dental treatments and has outstanding qualifications and experience. We have clinics in the top Turkish Tourist Destinations. So you can be sure to get the best products at the best prices!

DentPrime Smile Package at Picadilly Circus📍
The Glasgow family's quite happy!
AJ's new smile in just 6 days!
Jason and Cyle 🇬🇧✈️😀
A Successful Gastric Sleeve Surgery with DentPrime!
Swallowable Gastric Balloon in Turkey
Hollywood Smile in Turkey @DentPrimeTurkey
Smile Makeover with E-max Veneers
DentPrime I Dental Health Clinics in Turkey
Hollie's Smile Journey with DentPrime
Rebecca's Smile Journey with DentPrime
Carl's Smile Journey with DentPrime
A funny smile story 😁
All on 6 Implant and Zirconia Crowns!
New smile in just 6 days! 👍💎
It's your turn to change!
A Successful Hair Transplant with DentPrime!
New smile in just 6 days! 👍💎

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