Gastric Bypass Surgery

This is one of the most common bariatric surgeries. Doctors shrink the patient’s stomach and part of the digestive system is re-routed or bypassed. This is so the patient absorbs fewer calories and nutrients from food.

Surgery requires general anesthesia and can be done using 2 methods; open surgery or a less invasive laparoscopy. Doctors first divide the stomach into a small upper pouch where food will go and a larger bottom section. Then the surgeon will connect part of the small intestine to the small pouch. Food will now travel from the pouch directly into the intestine.

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The gastric bypass is recommended to patients whose body-mass index is over 35 and suffer from severe obesity. Doctors may only consider it after other forms of treatment have proven unsuccessful. We recommend you to refer to one of our professional doctors for an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for surgery.

Our top specialists will examine you to determine if open surgery or a laparoscopy is best suited to your needs.

Our top specialists will examine you to determine which steps you will have to take before surgery. Some of the common specifications include to stop smoking completely, increasing your physical activities and to stop taking some kinds of medications. You will not be able to eat anything for about 12 hours prior to surgery.

You will have to stay in the hospital between 2 or 3 days while the doctor examines you. During this time, you may feel nauseated while you get used to your new stomach.

Most patients require around 5 or 6 months to fully recover. For the first 12 weeks, you will be placed under a strict diet that begins with liquids and then transitions to solid foods.

Weight loss is not an easy endeavor, lifestyle changes are required to maintain weight lost. Unless you establish a proper diet and exercise program, you could regain all the lost weight.

We'll do all these tests for you. (including package)

  • Detailed blood analyzes
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Lung film
  • ECG
  • General Surgeon Examination
  • Anesthesia Examination
  • Cardiology Examination and Echocardiography
  • Psychiatric Examination
  • Internal diseases/endocrinology Examination
  • Dietitian Examination
  • Covid Test
  • Special Test
    (Height, Weight, Fat Ratio, Bone Ratio, Muscle Ratio, Body Mass Analysis, Metabolic Age)

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Master Surgeon Team
  • General Anesthesia
  • Hospital Stay (3 days)

We'll give all for you. (including package)

  • Blood thinner
  • Stomach protector
  • Painkiller
  • Vitamin, Mineral, Protein Support Package
  • 1 Year Dietitian Follow-up (1m-3m-6m-12m)
  • Specialist Control and Check-up


Bariatric and Methabolic Surgeon

Op. Dr. Turkay Belen

Bariatric Dietitian, Bariatric Care Specialist (SRC)

Dyt. Tuğba GÜNAL

SRC Master Bariatric and Methabolic Surgeon

Op. Dr. Mesut Çaynak


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