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DentPrime is a dental clinic that specialises in dental treatments and has outstanding qualifications and experience. We have clinics in the top Turkish Tourist Destinations. So you can be sure to get the best products at the best prices!

Where  to stay ?

As DentPrime, we have corporate rates in the following hotels below. DentPrime also provides free transportation service from your hotel to the clinic and vice versa for your each dental appointm

Galata Kulesi

The Maiden’s Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi), built on a tiny island in the Bosphorus, has a history that goes back to 24 B.C.E and is the subject of many legends. Over its history it has been used as a lighthouse, a quarantine hospital, and in many other capacities. Today it is possible to learn about the legends of the Maiden’s Tower from the Legends Exhibition housed on its grounds, open to visitors between 09:00-18:00. It is also home to the Maiden’s Tower Restaurant one of the most romantic restaurants in Istanbul where one can dine while listening to live music and enjoying a 360 degree view of the Bosphorus.

Beylerbeyi Palace

The Beylerbeyi Palace (Beylerbeyi Sarayı. It means “Lord of Lords”) is an Ottoman summer palace complex built in the 1860’s on the shores of the Bosphorous. Today it lies right under the Bosphorous bridge.
The building was designed by the well-known architect Sarkis Balyan and it combines elements of renaissance, baroque and other styles from both the East and West.The main building of the complex is a two-storey construction, made of stone, on a high basement. The building was constructed on a land of about 2,500 square meters sits on a rectangular floor area. The South side of the Palace was organized as Imperial Mabeyn and The North side as Valide Sultan’s Apartment. There are total 6 halls, 24 rooms, 1 hamam and 1 bathroom at two storeys.
In addition to the fantastic view of the Bosphorous and historical architecture, one should not miss exploring its lily pond and large garden.

Where Should I Visit ?

We picked places that you can explore during your treatment for you.

Bebek Mosque

The Bebek Mosque, located on the the Bebek shore next to the quay, was commissioned by Sadrazam Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Paşa by and built between 1725-1726. Also known as the Humayun-u Abat mosque, it was neglected overtime and fell into disrepair. In 1912 it was restored by the directorship of local foundations.
Built on a square plan with one dome, the mosque features tablets and wall decorations drawn by the famous calligraphers İsmail Hakkı Altunbezer and Macit Bey.

Beyoğlu Municipal Art  Gallery

The Beyoğlu Municipal Art Gallery (Turkish: Beyoğlu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi) is located on İstiklal Caddesi and first opened its doors in 1990. An important art center in Beyoğlu, it is constantly taking the pulse of the art world with its frequently updated exhibitions. In recent years it has undergone a thorough renovation that served both to respect its history and to help it to meet the needs of a modern art gallery. The Beyoğlu Municipal Art Gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 09:00 – 19:00. It is closed on Sundays.

Bebek  Park

Located on the Bosphorus shore, Bebek Park, named for the district in which it is found, was opened to the public in 1908 after the Proclamation of the Second Constitutional Era. It was restored by a team led by the Italian architect Ermanno Casasco and reopened as Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park in 2008. The park has 8,800 square meters of green space and its various decorative plants and century-old trees make the park a spot worth visiting. Walking paths, areas for walking pets, a playground and resting spaces are found in the 16,000 meter square park.

Büyük  ada

Büyükada (meaning “Big Island” in Turkish; Greek: Prinkipo ; and alternatively meaning “Prince” or “Foremost”) is the largest of the nine so-called Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul. It is officially a neighbourhood in the Adalar district of Istanbul Province, Turkey. One of the main squares of the island, with the statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. As on the other islands, motorized vehicles – except service vehicles – are forbidden, so visitors explore the island by foot, bicycle, in horse-drawn carriages, or by riding donkeys. A convent on Büyükada was the place of exile for the Byzantine empresses Irene, Euphrosyne, Theophano, Zoe and Anna Dalassena. After his deportation from the Soviet Union in February 1929, Leon Trotsky also stayed for four years on Büyükada, his first station in exile. Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid was born in the island. There are several historical buildings on Büyükada, such as the Ayia Yorgi Church and Monastery dating back to the 6th century, the Ayios Dimitrios Church, and the Hamidiye Mosque built by Abdul Hamid II.Visitors can take the ‘small tour’ of the island by buggy, leading to this point, from where it is a strenuous climb to Ayia Yorgi, a tiny church with a cafe on the grounds serving wine, chips and sausage sandwiches, this being part of the “classic” Ayia Yorgi (St. George) experience.

Cıragan  Palace

The Çırağan Palace (Turkish: Çırağan Sarayı) was commissioned by Sultan Abdülaziz and designed by the architect Sarkis Balyan. It is located in the place of a former wooden summer palace built by Selim III in 1800. In the course of the palace’s construction the wooden structure and the nearby Beşiktaş Mevlevihane were destroyed. Çırağan’s construction was completed in 1871. The palace is made of marble and is spread out over a total area of 80,000 square meters.After Abdülaziz was deposed, he was imprisoned here for years together with his family. After Murat V was deposed, he was also imprisoned here in a similar fashion for 29 years with his family.After the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy in 1908, the palace was used as the House of Parliament, however it was damaged by fire in 1910. The palace grounds were transferred to the Beşiktaş Sports Club and were used for some time as the Şeref Stadium. Toward the beginning of the 1990’s the palace was restored and reopened as a luxury hotel.



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