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DentPrime is a health tourism agency that specialises in dental and medical treatments and has outstanding qualifications and experience. We have partner clinics in the top Turkish Tourist Destinations. So you can be sure to get the best products at the best prices! Contractual health institutions with authorization certificates provide treatments.



Free Hotel Accommodation

DentPrime’s patients usually do not pay for accommodation.

You can either arrange your own holiday and let us know which dates you would like to see the clinic or ask us to arrange the holiday for you. You will find our many likable contracted hotels in every location.


For treatment plans of 4000 dollars / 3500 euros / 3000 pounds and more, hotel accommodation is provided by us and is free of charge.

VIP Transfers

Airport, hotel and clinic transfers, also be arranged through us.

This private transfer is a DentPrime privilege for you.

3D Tomography and Panoramic X-Ray

When you reach the clinic, we offer the highest technology x-ray techniques free of charge at no extra cost in order to create a perfect treatment plan for you.

Specialist Dentist Examination

Before starting the treatment, your x-ray and tomography will be examined and a detailed free consultation will be held by specialist dentists. All details will be explained to you before we begin.


The medicines you need to use before and after the treatment will be given to you free of charge. (antibiotics, pain killers, mouthwash etc.)



Welcome to DentPrime, Thank you for contacting us.

I will be assisting and helping you through your treatment and travel to Turkey for your Smile Journey

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