Op. Dr. Turkay Belen

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Op. Dr. Turkay Belen

Bariatric and Methabolic Surgeon


1999—2006 Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Medical Doctor Training, Bursa/Turkey

2008—2013 Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery residency training, Istanbul/Turkey

2017 Heidelberg University, Department of General Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery



2006-2008 General practitioner

2008-2013 General Surgery specialization training

2013-2021 General Surgery specialist

2018 Bariatric Metabolic Surgery



Approach to Patients with Multiple / Terminal Colorectal Canser and Liver Metastasis Workshop (April/2010)

17th National Surgery Congress (May/2010)

9th Turkish Transplantation Centers Coordination Association Congress (September/2012)

11th Medical-Surgical Endocrinology Postgraduate Training Course (November/2012)

7th EDS(European Digestive Surgery) Postgraduate Course (May/2013)

12th Medical-Surgical Endocrinology Postgraduate Training Course (November/2013)

13th Medical-Surgical Endocrinology Postgraduate Training Course (November/2014)

20th National Surgery Congress (April/2016)

21th National Surgery Congress (April/2018)

4th Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Congress 2021

Turkish Society of Surgery Surgical Endoscopy Training Certificate

Bariatric Metabolic Surgery Course in Adolescents 2021


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